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Welcome Floral Pocket Wall Hanging

July 14, 2020

I love fabric. The bright colors and fun pattern in this piece are really helping to bring out a summer vibe!

Grab Your Floral Pocket!

We have a few different styles of floral pockets in the shop - take a look!

Prep Your Flowers and Greenery/Filler!

I painted my sola wood flowers to mimic the flower types and colors that are found in the fabric pattern on the pouch using craft acrylic paint mixed in water using both the dip dye method and hand painting methods we have discussed in some of our other tutorials!

Then I stemmed the flowers using 18 gauge floral wire and hot glue.

For the greenery, I pulled a few sprigs from a faux greenery bush and cut a few pieces of dried filler to get them prepped.

Fill the Fabric Pocket!

Start with the greenery to get your shape and to determine your height and width. Pop in flowers in a design that appeals to you. Add the dried filler last as that can be fragile and there you have it!

I didn't use any glue to secure the pieces into the pouch so I can change the design around as desired.

Add a Ribbon!

With our pre-drilled holes, you can add ribbon, twine, lace, etc. to create an easy way to hang your arrangement! Just thread the material through the hole, tie a knot in the back and repeat on the opposite side.

I would love to see all of your floral pocket creations so please feel free to share in the comments

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