December 30, 2020

Your 2020 Favorite Projects!

2020 has been...something else. We have been home, or out on the front line. We have tried new things, or gone back to our roots. But through everything, through all of it, we have persevered. 

Our goal has always been to help bring a smile to your face. This is why we continued to go live two (or more) times per week, posted weekly YouTube tutorials and blogs, and shared hilarious yet somewhat questionable daily memes.

We could not have gotten through this year without you and we are so happy to have had all of you here on our journey this year! 

Now onto the fun stuff - our 2020 top lives, videos and tutorials!

Facebook Live

Let’s kick this off with our first Facebook live tutorial of 2020! This one was inspired by many of you who received an airbrush as a holiday gift in 2019 and I have a feeling...the same thing happened this past December! If you just got an airbrush, or need to go back to the basics, check out this Crafting After Bedtime live (our most viewed Facebook live of 2020!) - Airbrush 101!


Next up is for our brides! Weddings were so incredibly hard to plan this past year. But one of the things we love so much about our sola wood flowers is that they can be prepped now and used whenever you need them. Creating a YouTube series on how to create beautiful florals for your weddings was of the utmost importance to us this year. Can you guess which was our most popular YouTube tutorial? If you said How to Make a Floral Arch, you are correct!


Our top 9 grams encompass so many of the things we do and share here at Oh You’re Lovely! Specialty dyed sola wood flowers, bouquets, arrangements, wreaths, over the top projects and hilarious memes!


We tried something new this year and started contributing blog tutorials to Hometalk. It is an amazing site with so many creatives sharing their crafty ideas and we are so happy to be a part of it! Our top project over there has received nearly 100k views and was a favorite project for us to make. Check out how we made this Illusion Embroidery Hoop that can be customized for any season or holiday!

Hometalk TV

In addition to our weekly blogs tutorials on Hometalk, we are so lucky to be a host on HTTV! We have a great time putting together videos for their viewers and introducing people to wood flowers! Here is one of our episodes that sparked the most engagement (and many ideas for use for other events!) - the Hula Hoop Cake Stand.

Will It Work Wednesday

If you are a part of our Facebook group, you have seen so many different experiments on ideas that we have pulled from many different sources - most of the time, from our members! From submerging our wood flowers in water to glycerin vs. dawn soap to hot glue in silicone molds...we have tried to share with you what works and what doesn’t in a live video format. While next year will look a little different with our WWW lives, we will be continuing to share with our members how fun craft play can be!

One of our favorite WWW hacks from 2020 was our bouquet made from flower/filler bundles! If you are a part of our group, check it out here. If you are not, please join! Or you can see a blog we wrote on it here!

Stefanie’s Choice

I make crafty things all the time. And I mean alllllll the time! It is impossible for me to pick a favorite. So for my choice, I am going with our blog post that delves into all things sola wood flowers! We did a lot of research into and behind how these flowers are created and have been so excited to share that with you! Here is my favorite and our most commented on blog for 2020 - Everything You Need to Know About Sola Wood Flowers.

Maggie’s Choice

I had a tough time picking my favorite craft from this year! That said, I love when the unexpected is added to an arrangement (or bouquet for this matter) and it works perfectly. Peaches. Who knew that peaches would make for such a beautiful bouquet accent?! You can find that pretty bouquet and tutorial here!

Viewer’s Choice

It is no surprise that mystery box lives are a fan favorite. Stefanie has absolutely no idea what is inside the boxes and drinks copious amounts of boozy beverages to get herself ready for this lack of knowledge and preparation! This year, one of these mystery box lives introduced a new member of the Oh You’re Lovely team - Papa Smurf! If you are ready for some laughs, take a look at this Facebook live here. Oh and please remember, this is NOT a tutorial!

Throughout 2020, we have shared laughs and tears (sometimes at the same time!) and have appreciated each and every one of you for joining us on this adventure! We have a lot up our sleeves for 2021 and cannot wait to share it all!

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!

Xoxo, Stefanie and Maggie