January 29, 2021

DIY Wedding Floral Kits - A How-To!

They’re heeerrrrreeeee! Our brides have spoken and we are so excited to share our new wedding floral kits with you all!

More and more, we see engaged couples taking on DIY projects for their weddings - especially in the floral and decor area. It can be a bit overwhelming so we have taken much of the guesswork out for you.

Our new kits include:

  • The Bridal Bouquet Kit
  • The Bridesmaid Bouquet Kit
  • The Boutonniere Kit

  • While you can buy just one, we suggest using all three for your perfectly coordinated wedding!

    Here are some helpful tips on how to transform your kits into beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres!

    Right Out of the Box!

    Each kit box is designed to give you everything you will need to create the perfect floral items for your perfect wedding day! Here are a few videos on how I used the flowers, greenery and other items directly out of the box.

    Bridal Bouquet Kit:

    Bridesmaid Bouquet Kit:

    Boutonniere Kit:

    The Finished Set:

    Take Your Kit Even Further!

    Sometimes, you just want to make something a little bigger. Or you want to add a bit of flair. Maybe you have a distinct color story to help set your special day apart. Whatever it is, there are many options to further embellish your bridal kits!

    Stem Each Piece of Greenery!

    First things first, for this look - you will need extra wire stems (please note - the stems in this link will not be the exact same as those in your kits. They will work perfectly for your greenery though!). Each kit comes with enough floral wire stems for each flower but for this twist, you will need additional wire stems because we are going to stem up individual greenery leaves and filler pieces!

    (One stem of greenery can be broken down into a few different individual leaves and filler pieces)

    For tips and tricks about how to stem each greenery/filler piece, take a look at this blog. Once you have each piece stemmed up, set them aside and grab your flowers!

    Since we are keeping these flowers in their raw, natural cream color, one trick to adding intrigue and dimension to your bouquet is this - separate your flowers by style and even after stemming them, keep them separated! That way, when you are pulling flowers to add to your bouquet, you will see how many of each are left. This will help to evenly distribute all flowers types throughout your bouquet.

    So now your greenery, filler, and flowers are all individually stemmed...it is time to finally build your bouquet!

    When using small, individually stemmed greenery/filler bits like this, I usually start the bouquet by grabbing three-five flowers (one of each style) and then adding individual greenery and/or filler pieces between the flowers. This will be your center base for the bouquet. Make sure you have at least one of every flower style and greenery/filler pieces for this center section - it will help you develop a natural rhythm of alternating flower styles and greenery/filler pieces so that they are evenly spaced throughout your entire bouquet. 

    To build out the bouquet (aka - increase the size and create a more rounded shape), I look at the bouquet from two angles every time I add the next flower and greenery/filler piece. Start by holding it out with that center section facing you. You’ll be able to see if you are getting a circular shape and if there are any gaps you may need to fill. Next, look at it from the side and spin the bouquet all the way around. The side angle will help you see if the shape is gradually sloping downward from the center section you first created. Looking at your bouquet from those two perspectives each time you add more to it will help ensure it is coming together the way you want it to!

    After you have added enough flowers and greenery/filler to get the desired size and shape of your bouquet, take a closer look at everything and see if you have any gaps that you want to add more filler to. If it looks perfect when looking at it from above, amazing! There is a chance you may not love it from the side or from underneath just yet. At the bottom of the bouquet is where I like to add all of my extra greenery to cover the wire stems and bottoms of the flowers. 

    Your final step is to add the cornbroom to cover the full handle of wire stems and add your twine to give that handle a great focal point! 

    Have Questions?

    We are incredibly excited and thankful to be a part of your wedding day. And while we have many resources to help with your floral journey, we are also happy to answer any questions you may have along the way! Please email communications@ohyourelovely.com for any help needed with your wedding kits.

    Congratulations and Happy Crafting!!