December 28, 2021

Our 2021 Favorite Projects!

Hello crafters! It's the end of 2021, and like many of you, we find ourselves reflecting on our work over the past year. And there was one thing we noticed about the last 12 months: we were so focused on all things NEW. New projects, new ways of looking at the crafting world, and even a new business-focused blog!

What better time than now, on the precipice of a new year, to celebrate all the new things we shared with you this year. Read on to take a tour through our very favorite projects from January of 2021 to today!

Make Your Favorite Springtime Flowers!

What's new: Different seasons demand different color styles. And this year, we introduced a style of blog that does a deep dive into how to achieve rich, natural colors for every season or for specific flower types. The springtime blog linked here represents our first foray into a blog like this. But rest assured, it wasn't the last!

We also showed you an idea of what you can make with those beautiful flowers after they were finished in this blog - How to Create a Spring Bouquet!

How to make a bridal bouquet using sola wood flowers (DIY Kit)

What's new: We introduced a LOT of new DIY kits this past year. We rolled out kits for brides, bridesmaids, and boutonnieres! But what's a DIY kit without a good tutorial? To support our lovely DIY brides, we created a beginning-to-end YouTube walkthrough of how to best make these kits come to life. 

Bouquet Handles!

What's new(er): A typical Oh You're Lovely blog will focused on a zoomed out floral piece. But a finished piece is only as good as its individual parts! That's why we spent time this year to zoom in on individual parts of a craft. For instance, in the example linked here – handles! We explored different ways that crafters can utilize handles to best make their pieces come to life. They say the devil's in the details. But we say: that's where you can really make your work shine.

Greenery Tips: Choosing Colors!

What's new: With this piece on our craft blog we made the decision to not show a craft at all. Instead, we decided to focus on how to better empower crafters on how to shop for – and select – the most ideal greenery in our shop. Using different color tones, we were able to help educate you on the proper accompaniments to best support their pieces. A craft blog without crafts? That was a very new idea to us in 2021. 

New Spin on the Classics!

Reverse Floral Heart Board

What's new: If you've spent any amount of time in the sola wood flower world, you have undoubtedly seen a heart made out of flowers. But what if a heart was made out of...nothing at all?

In this new spin on an old classic, we demonstrated how to use flowers to decorate the outline of a piece. Your eye will naturally fill in the blanks, giving you a beautiful negative space heart which was very new to our design aesthetic this year. 

How to make a corsage using a slap bracelet

What's new: Pop quiz: how do you attach a corsage? Elastic bands? Ribbon ties? With this new spin, we're taking it back to 5th grade! (Did we just date ourselves with that reference?!) By attaching a corsage to a slap bracelet you'll be creating an easy means of attaching a corsage while bringing delightful element of nostalgic fun into the mix. Old classic: new execution.

Blogs Focused Solely on Your Business

Creating an Instagram Reel

What's new: entire blog! Maggie #2 has been leading the wholesale side of our business, and she is the proud curator of our wholesale blog. Rather than focus on crafts, these articles explore all things entrepreneurial, including pricing, how to improve your craft show presence, and even how to make a social splash with an Instagram Reel!

We launched this blog in the summer of 2021, and it has given us a wonderful platform for connecting with small business owners and crafting innovators. Stay tuned to see what else #2 comes up with!

As you can see, we were B-U-S-Y this year. What does the future hold for your favorite Lovelies? We've got some ideas brewing, but let's just say this look back into 2021 has inspired us to continue to be creative in '22 once again. 

Thanks for the wonderful year, crafters. Happy New Year!