June 07, 2021

Our Favorite Wreath Tutorials!

Wreaths are one of my favorite crafts to create! They can spruce up your door, create a focal piece over your mantel or just bring a bright spot to an open wall. But the best part is that they can change moods with the season and help create a festive look for any holiday. Here are just a few of our favorite styles and how to make them!

Add-on to an Existing Wreath!

Adding extra greenery, filler and sola wood flowers to an already existing wreath is a great way to transform something you may have already had in your home or personalize something that you picked up in your crafty travels! This video shows you how to make any wreath you find into the perfect piece.

Funky Junk Wreath!

If it is rusty and metal (and most times, but not always, round), it can 100% be turned from trash to treasure! This video shows you how we turned a metal barrel ring into an amazing wreath.

Grapevine/Willow Wreath!

We love a good grapevine or willow wreath moment! This blog will help you walk through the different layers of greenery and flowers and offers some tips on the order of placing them.

Wood Cutout Wreath!

We have a bunch of wood cutout wreaths in our shop and love how one word can change the whole vibe of a wreath for the better! This video will walk you through how to make a warm Welcome wreath.

Wooden Bead Wreath!

We love natural looking pieces that can be up all year. Especially when they don't take a ton of materials or time! This blog will walk you through an easy wreath that would be the perfect accent to any home.

Charger Wreath!

One of our favorite things about crafting is using unexpected items for everyday decor! This video will walk you through how to turn a plate charger into an amazing wreath.

Metal Hoop Wreath!

Metal hoop wreaths can be a bit of a challenge when you want a super full look but a teeny tiny area to attach everything! This blog gives some tried and true suggestions on how to get the most out of the hoop.

Metal Hoop Wreath (as a Bouquet Alternative!)

So many brides are looking for ways to make their weddings stand out. Traditional bouquets are very pretty but for those looking for an alternative, here is a way to make a boho hoop bouquet!


And there you have it! We have done a LOT of wreath tutorials over the years but these stand out as a few of our favorites. Hope you enjoy them and Happy Crafting!