November 30, 2021

Holiday Gift Ideas!

Looking for last minute crafty gift ideas? Here are 5 crafts that we have done over the years that can easily be adapted for the holidays (and take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour to complete)! To see the corresponding tutorial, just click on any image or video below.

Bonus: there is also a new tutorial at the end of this blog!

Wood Board Calendar

This calendar is perfect for keeping track of 2020. Err, 2021. What year is it? (Just kidding - there is an updated 2022 calendar for you to download and print!)

Anyway. With New Year's Resolutions right around the corner, this is the perfect gift for any number of people in your life!

Floral Candle Topper

Great smelling candles are a classic holiday (or anytime gift)! Add a personal touch by creating a floral topper to the lid!

String Art - Farmhouse Style

This piece is perfect for those who love more farmhouse home decor arrangements. The sola wood flowers will give it a natural aesthetic, while the wrapped twine in the shape of a mason jar gives it a beautiful twist. 

Floral Book Stack (Two Ways!)

In the video below, we make a mini bouquet to attach to a book swap!

You can also glue the greenery, filler and flowers directly onto the top book as we show in this blog!

Sola Wood Flower Dog Arrangement

This one is purr-fect for the animal lovers in your life! You can change the coloring and shape of the flowers to create your friends furry friends in a fun arrangement. This blog shows you how!

Bonus Tutorial: Wreath Board!

Not enough last minute gift ideas? Ok, let's make a new one! Here is a beautiful, easy-to-make wreath board. This piece will highlight some classic seasonal colors while giving a perfect winter holiday flavor to your home!

Here is what I used for this piece:

To start, I painted the wood cutout gold using a foam brush (you can also use a make-up wedge or beauty blender). This helps ensure there is minimal paint that spills over the edge of the cutout.

Next, glue the wood cutout and mini wreath onto your board! I used hot glue to attach both but for the wreath, I would recommend using E6000. You can weigh it down with a book or some other heavy object placed on top of the wreath while the glue dries in place. Alternately, if you want to be able to switch out the wreath, you can simply tack a nail into the board and hang the wreath from that!

As with most wreaths, this one has a specific flow to it. The greenery all fans out from the wreath in the same direction. I cut down my berry bunch into single sprigs and added them in (using hot glue) and made sure they went with the flow of the greenery. 

The final step is to add your sola wood flowers (using hot glue again)! I love the contrast of the natural cream with the green, red and gold on a darker board. I added in my 5 larger flowers first (the 1.5" Thelmas) and then filled in any open spots with munchkins. Now I can't wait to gift this piece to a friend!


And there you go! 6 holiday craft ideas that should help inspire you to create something exciting for the flower lovers in your life. Happy crafting!