January 11, 2022

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas!

Valentine's Day is just over one month away and the time to get creating is here! Whether you are a crafter looking to give your loved ones and friends a special gift this year or a small business owner aiming to sell big, the following pieces will hopefully give you some inspiration.

A Flower Cloche!

There is something so magical about fairy lights and a single sola wood flower under a cloche! We had a certain princess in a yellow dress in mind when making this but you can experiment with different colors and flower styles.


A Book Stack!

Paperback books are relatively easy to find and can send a beautiful message to the recipient.

A Candle Topper! 

Candles are always an amazing gift. By adding greenery and flowers to the lid, not only are you gifting something that smells incredible, it is also a piece of art to look at!

A Wire Heart Wreath!

If there is only one decor piece I change out for each holiday and season, it is for my front door! This one is created using a wire base, traditional Valentine's Day colors and chevron burlap ribbon from the dollar store.

A Reverse Floral Heart Board!

Using negative space for the main shape is a great way to bring some intrigue to a piece. 

A Wood Heart Wreath!

We have some fantastic Valentine's Day wood cutout wreaths in the shop and this one with the different hearts is a personal favorite. Add some paint, greenery and sola wood flowers and this wreath will be a big hit!

A Single Stem Flower!

Every year around this time, there is a lot of conversation in our sola community about how best to create single stem flowers - and we can see why! They are a quick and easy craft to make. That said, it can be difficult to find the "right" stems to use. 

Lucky for us, I love experimenting and taking a chance on some potentially awful products (and trust me, I found quite a few out there!).

The Stems:

Since creating this tutorial we have now found single stems we enjoy, you can find them here: https://ohyourelovely.com/collections/crafting-supplies/products/artificial-rose-leaves-with-stems-set-of-20

Attaching the Flower:

There is a long, somewhat sharp piece that was holding the real touch flower onto the stem. Hot glue the bottom of your flower (I used a 2.5" peony) and insert that piece of the stem. 

Wrapping/Boxing the Flower:

There are a lot of options for this part. You can wrap the flower in kraft paper or tissue paper, tie with twine and it is ready to gift/sell! Or, if you are like me and can never figure out how to make a paper wrap pretty despite watching a million tutorials...these boxes are a great idea! You will need to use 2.5" flowers or smaller for the flower to fit inside the clear plastic part and to cut the stem down a bit but they are much sturdier than tissue paper (and much easier to assemble)!

And there you have it! A few ideas to inspire you this Valentine's Day. Happy crafting!


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